Page 99 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Untitled (Relic), 2019
Mixed media
9.7cm x 70cm x 26.1cm (approx)
Julia’s Lens, 2019
Mixed media
2.85cm x 4.75cm x 0.7cm (approx)
Child’s Pose, 2019 (Detail)
Mixed media
184cm x 60cm x 45cm (approx)
The sculptures I make often act as singular works that provide access to a certain set of feelings and ideas that center around
the strangeness and abject nature of contemporary life. They are produced with a range of materials such as readymade objects, wood, metal, plaster, bronze, human debris and earth via processes such as woodwork, carving, modelling, casting and welding. The work draws on autobiography and personal mythology as a means of studying the human condition whilst expanding upon the material exploration and aesthetic principles offered by movements like Minimalism and Arte Povera.
David Thomson
[email protected]

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