Page 73 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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• I am intrigued by people’s attractions and how they differ from person
Hope Raynes
instagram: hope_raynes.artwork
‘Feel the Need’
Plaster, Acrylic paint, Copper, Brass, Peel-coat rubber, Leak seal rubber and Flocking powder
8cm x 21cm x 15cm (approx)
to person. My work explores the urges and compulsive feelings that overwhelm us when we have a craving to touch, taste, smell, hear and view certain things. Based on my own personal desires, my pieces form a connection between the viewer and maker, inviting them to experience what I believe are some of the best sensations
•• one can encounter.
‘A Taste Sensation’
Clay, Copper, Enamel, Patina and Acrylic pink paint
1cm x 17cm x 18cm

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