Page 55 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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My work reflects my first-hand experience of growing up in suburbia and the nostalgic ideals of the ‘Australian Dream’. The suburbs are often dismissed as the banal and conformist antithesis of culture and creative expression. By contrast, I celebrate this environment as a place of contemplation, nostalgia, familiarity and individuality. Using meticulous reduction linocuts and miniature gouache illustrations,
I draw attention to the personal and intimate within the supposed uniformity of suburban streetscapes and shop fronts. The fine details and evident care within my homages encourage the viewer to re- evaluate their own relationship to suburbia.
Zoe Woebken
Gouache on wood 15cm x 20cm
Suburban Shadows
Reduction linocut 48cm x 70.5cm

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