Page 35 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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I Though I Outgrew This Feeling
Acrylic Paint, Fine Liner, Collage 114.72cm x 93.87cm
Not For You
Acrylic Paint, Fine Liner, Ink 27.5cm x 20.96cm
I Want What
Acrylic Paint, Water Colour, Fine Liner, Collage
111.94cm x 75.57cm
I use mediums such as acrylic paint, fine liner and other drawing materials in order to depict my personal experiences and how
I navigate the world. This method allows me to openly include
my thoughts through writing while also presenting the text in an ambiguous manner. My work offers a snapshot into how I was feeling or what I was thinking about at a certain time. I like to work intuitively, with the pieces serving as candid insights into my thinking.
Alexandra Diprose
[email protected]

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