Page 29 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 29

The future is a faded song
Etching and aquatint 80cm x 120cm (approx)
We move above the moving tree
Etching and aquatint 22cm x 36cm
The Dry Salvages
Etching and aquatint 52cm x 37cm
My work explores how memory and imagination are triggered
by evocative symbols, motifs and archetypes. As the mind drifts between recollected and imagined worlds, new narratives emerge in surreal and mythopoeic forms. The resulting landscapes merge stories within stories, the familiar and the unfamiliar, and attempt to illuminate the space between waking and dreaming.
Viewers are invited to traverse these landscapes in their own way - to see what they see and conceive their own narratives. As is often the case with memory, we may return to discover new information or transformed features, opening doorways to a subliminal experience.
Hannah Caprice @hannah.caprice

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