Page 138 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 138

Antonino Muratore
In my art practice I take a poetic approach to the mediums of photography, drawing, writing and installation, and generate artworks by meditating on my encounters with friends, family, romantic partners and strangers. I take inspiration from writers
like W.G.Sebald, Lydia Davis and Haruki Murakami, this kind of introspective storytelling helps me make sense of the interpersonal happenings in my own life.
Through my work I aim to create immersive spaces where the audience can reflect on their relationships with others as well as things like generosity, desire and intimacy.
Inkjet Print 42.0cm x 29.7cm
The picture of herself, 1
Graphite and Ink on Butchers paper 42.0cm x 29.7cm (approx)
The picture of herself, 2
Found objects and Laser print on newsprint paper Dimensions Variable

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