Page 131 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 131

Selective Remembrance
Silicone, Acrylic Paint, Mixed Medias
99cm x 75cm x 4cm (approx)
Desire To Touch
Oil Paint, Enamel Paint, Mixed Medias
29.7cm x 21.0cm
Forbidden Withdrawls
Resin, Acrylic Paint and Silicone 37cm x 27cm x 4cm (approx)
My practice investigates the connections between psychological behaviour, memory and metaphorical representation. I see paint
as skin, layers as history and textures as scars. These humanistic traits are imbedded within my work and depicted through the exploration of various mixed medias and paint viscosities. I see my practice as a language where I can communicate my subconscious emotions through imprinting raw feelings onto a material - allowing my audience to connect with my vulnerability. Each body of work is heavily driven by my own intuition, responding to what is currently happening within my life and the corresponding emotional influences.
Danielle Macri [email protected]

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