Page 108 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Stimson Clark
With a continuing exploration of painting as object and using a set of devices which include abstraction, layering and uncovering/unfolding of colour, symbiosis, and the arbitrary ambiguity of systems, ritual and uncertainty, I make works formed with a constructivist ethos initiating interactions between the art, “the wall” and the viewer. Non-objective interpretations through geometric abstraction painting juxtaposed with metaphors of the lived everyday experience through the materiality of detritus assist me in looking closely at how the peripheral layers textures, colours and relief draw on notions of time, experience and presence.
Red Series 4
Acrylic on handmade paint supports. 42cm x 42cm (approx)
The Moon Remains Blue
Mixed media installation. Dimensions Variable
Under the Sun and Beneath the Moon (diptych) Acrylic on wood panels. 36cm x 50cm (approx)

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