Page 93 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Da in the duck room
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Drawing from aspects of early 20th Century German Expressionism and Fauvism, my paintings emphasise inner feelings over replicating reality through crude drawing, portraiture and expression of experience via colour. My work displays interests in the elements of everyday life such as; family, relationships, society and the idea of belief. Through bodily movements, improvisation and spontaneity
I create large, sometimes gestural places that often place a heavy importance on the idea ‘the self’ in the ever increasing age of technology we are in today.
Jack Summers
[email protected] @jackpsummers
Oil, oil pastel, synthetic polymer emulsion on canvas
100cm x 152cm
Alex (the painter)
Oil, synthetic polymer emulsion and spray paint on canvas 142cm x 108cm
Da at his gate
Oil and synthetic polymer emulsion on canvas 57cm x 57cm

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