Page 89 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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‘Shed 1/4’ (2018)
Oil on Wood 35cm x 45cm (approx)
‘Shed 2/4’ (2018)
Oil on Wood 35cm x 45cm (approx)
‘Shed 3/4’ (2018)
Oil on Wood 35cm x 40cm (approx)
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My painting practice explores themes of deterioration, construction, reconstruction and obsolescence. By recycling used timber, I intend to breathe new life into old junk. I work with the grains of aged wood to create intricate textures in the paintings - I do not like to hide
the fact this timber was once used for something else. Renewal, regeneration, and repurpose of the everyday are key aspects in
my practice. I enjoy investigating the formal properties of objects, especially the surface.The dominant red/brown pigment is made of iron-oxide (rust) - another element otherwise considered obsolete. The ghostly subjects pay homage to familiar building structures, usually referencing suburban architecture and life. In these works I chose to pay homage to the great backyard shed. Where else is a better place to fix, build and reconstruct old junk?
Alex Slattery [email protected]

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