Page 87 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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The 5 stages
Betelihem Skehill skehill-286101115
Acrylic, graphite, fabric, cardboard, paintings, plastic on wall Dimensions Variable
One size fits all...
Acrylic on multicoloured children’s thongs Dimensions Variable
My embodiment
Acrylic, stickers,
red cotton string on fabric. Dimensions Variable
At the age of three, I was put up for adoption and growing up I
have always had an awareness that I’m different from my peers. My identity is a core premise within my art practice and it delves from being a black female, raised in a predominantly Eurocentric society.
I find my art practice as a therapeutic conversation between my memories and my identity as I begin researching into my birthplace and Ethiopian culture. I also enjoy creating contemporary political artworks that make my audience ponder on the larger issues of life in which I attempt to be a catalyst for change and awareness.

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