Page 86 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 86

Lily Santamaria
[email protected]
Intentional Stains are an investigation into the ideas of remaking and •
reforming, the deliberate and the accidental, the intimacy and the vulnerability involved in creating art works.
They have been created using painter’s rags, drop sheets and desk covers which have accumulated stains from the studio - thus by- products of a creative process, normally thrown away, become a work in their own right. The process of staining, then emphasising the stains using embroidery techniques, was repeated multiple times, keeping the work in a state of flux.
Intentional Stains 1 (detail)
acrylic, cotton thread, bed sheet 44cm x 56cm
Intentional Stains 3 (detail)
acrylic, thread, bed sheet 90cm x 160cm (approx)
Intentional Stains 2 (detail)
acrylic, food residue, thread, bed sheet 85cm x 148cm

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