Page 75 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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• Through abstract expressionism, I attempt to manipulate the
Emma Neumann
“let me out of my mind, let my out of your mind” acrylic on perspex 35cm x 25cm
“i <3 small penises, jack arse”
acrylic and ink on MDF board 115cm x 47cm
“There’s swiggles in my milk, they’re my friends”
acrylic and medium on canvas 104cm x 220cm
encounter between art and viewer and in doing so, re-shaping the pre-determined context of what a painting can be, especially as a piece of emotional communication.
My work is a reflection of inner-city Melbourne youth, the spaces they inhabit, online and in share houses, derelict, debauched, mundane, apathetic and intoxicated. Their emotions, confused, uncertain, angry. My work is about capturing the perfection of imperfection of the struggling youth of today whether that be financially, romantically or emotionally as well as discussing and making a dialogue for mental health.

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