Page 66 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Catherine Marley [email protected]
My work is inspired by architecture and the deconstruction of the traditional ‘landscape’. I am inspired by traditional and contemporary practices, exploring a balance between restraint and freedom as well as the figurative and the abstract. I explore the visual qualities
of abstraction through controlled gestural work, using a variety
of mediums such as watercolours, oils and markers. Gestural, seemingly loose, marks in each painting and drawing have been put there in a considered manner. My art practice is directly inspired by my work with graphic design, with the focus on minimalism, subtlety and control crossing between both practices.
‘These Streets, so Fixed and Solid’
Watercolour and Ink on Paper 12cm x 9cm
‘Slipping into the Unknown’
Watercolour and Ink on Paper 12cm x 9cm

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