Page 53 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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 • For this body of work I wanted to explore how interior architecture
Alan Jones [email protected]
Installation View
desert soil, clear acrylic sheeting, steel bolts, found clothes rack, desert soil on wall, and 3 collage paintings on plaster
Dimensions Variable
is perceived and experienced by interrogating and deconstructing the materials that make up these spaces. I wanted to do this while expressing a desire to interrogate and experience the
land while being restricted to interior urban settings. A deep interrogation into anything always seems to end up a self reflexive journey in some way, much like how art has been swallowing
•• itself (to sit safe inside itself). When thinking in this way interior
house paint, soil and natural ochres on plasterboard 40cm x 40cm
spaces and landscapes become metaphor for something shared and personal, the line is blurred between the two and the relations become more clear. These spaces are each similar in their own right. Technology sits in this realm. despite appearances these sites share a similar role and purpose in our short collective experience. Taking the time to understand and respect the locations that grant our experiences and harbour our identity is beneficial for all involved.

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