Page 50 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 50

Hsing-Yi Ariel Huang
[email protected] https://squid-cranberry-sttj.squarespace. com
“Hsing- Fragrance of memories”
Cherry blossom
Oil on canvas 199cm x 140cm (approx)
Sleepless night
Oil, spray paint on canvas 164cm x 120cm (approx)
“My soul is in the sky”
Oil on canvas 163cm x 85cm (approx)
I am interested in the relationship between memories and
one’s identity as we are constantly shaped by
our past. My work explores the cross-cultural identity between Chinese and Taiwanese, as well as Australian culture. Using colour as a metaphor for individuality and memory. Through figuration and abstracting natural imagery, like mountains, animals and plants, together to achieve a dreamlike atmosphere.

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