Page 37 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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oil on masonite 45cm x 42cm
The Circular Nature of Things
silde projection, polypropylene cone, oil on masonite, oil on canvas, plywood, found sign Dimensions Variable
Working across a range of media in, painting, print, photographic and installation disciplines, projects come about in response to questions prompted by surrounding pressures, both physical and psychological. My interest is always pulled back to geometry,
vision, failings in perception and limitations within an image. I depict public and transitory locations as they have a certain anonymity to them, lulls and surges in thought often occur as I wait in a place. In-between locations are required as a pause and directional change the dual connection and disconnection between space and our relation to it is something that perplexes me.
Giulia Cattaneo [email protected]

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