Page 34 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Katherine Benjamin
[email protected] katherineaudrey
My work explores the themes of the personal, faith, and culture;
an investigation of what makes up the identity of an individual. Having been born in Indonesia but currently living in Australia, my works
offer a bifocal perspective that translates the collision of cultural heritage within a liminal space. Fascinated by the visual language of materials, I investigate pertinent signifiers within objects as a tool to sharpen a thought and pose a question to the viewer. Understanding that nothing human creates is absolute, my practice leads to more questions instead of answers, provoking the desire to discover.
Writing, Re-Writing
Sun clay 45cm x 22cm x 21cm
A still from the video, ‘Frail’
Video Duration 1’ 32”
70 x7
Graphite on found wood 63cm x 41cm x 3cm

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