Page 27 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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The Amorphous
My ceramic sculptures are a creation of clay compositions extracted from intangible qualities experienced during a meditative mindset. Wavering sensations emitted by the concealed inner sanctums align with the whisperings of musical escapades. These orchestrated objects are a phenomenological embodiment of the motion and energy that continues to generate within my core. The evocative forms transmitted from a journey within these musical portals.
While the forms are stagnant and rendered timeless, the creator and creative process continues to evolve and unfold. As a conduit, channelling the echoes of other worlds, l endeavour to capture the essence of emotional tendrils revealed.
Christine Yeghyaian [email protected] instagram: xrysteena
Clay, slips, foil, glaze. Oxidation. 25cm x 49cm x 17cm (approx)
BRT clay, glaze. Oxidation. 12cm x 23cm x 18cm (approx)
Threaded Sound
BRT clay, matte blue glaze, copper lustre. Multiple firings.
Dimensions Variable

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