Page 19 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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                 The synthesis of form and colour
Stoneware, Terracotta, wood, rope 22cm x 120cm x 30cm (approx)
This body of work was inspired by an exploration into different clay bodies for their wheel throwing properties, and a look into art based movements such as Minimalism, Contemporary and Scandinavian design.
By leaving the works unglazed, and labelling them un-functional functional vessels, allows the viewer to examine the beauty of the texture, the honesty of the clay colour, and the form created by the skill of the potter on the pottery wheel.
“They are as much for contemplation as for use, .. (and) as much for use as for contemplation” (Olsen Gallery, Gywn Hassen Pigott).
Alexandra Isobel Kieran Sinclair sinclair_ [email protected]

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