Page 18 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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                 Lola-Mae Ruby Pink
Through a feminist paradigm Lola-Mae explores the social currency and agency of womanhood in contemporary society. Seeking to usurp the male gaze and to explore an abject beauty that defies societal norms. Lola-Mae creates surreal forms that explore the intimacies of personal narrative, raw human experience and the intersections of gender within social constructs.
Imbued with the collective stories of self and deep connections between the internal and the external. Most concerned with the weaponisation of beauty into systematic oppression, Lola-Mae seeks to uncover the stories hidden between the invisible umbilical cords of narrative that connect all women.
Self(less) & Object Defy
Ceramic, metal, mohair and human hair. Dimensions Variable

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