Page 172 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 172

The Painting, Drawing, Video & Sound (Expanded Studio Practice), Gold & Silversmithing and Ceramics Printmaking and Fine Art Photography (Print Imaging Practice) and Sculpture & Spatial Practice students at RMIT School of Art are guided over the duration of their studies by the skills and passion of many staff. Warm acknowledgements go to all staff who contribute
to the BP201 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) program. Recognition and thanks goes to specialist staff who provide valued teaching and experience. The School of Art Studios are fortunate to benefit as well from a range of visiting lecturers, artists and curators.
Congratulations go to all staff and students who have connected to the urban art community in Melbourne and globally through exhibition, screenings and performance.
Ongoing appreciation goes to the School of Art BP201 Administration team; Soko Mapapalangi, Ruby Sun, and Julie Fraser who make everything run smoothly from day to day. With assistance from Gracia Haby, Fiona King, Paula McDonald and Kathy Vivona.
The graduating students would like to acknowledge the support and teaching provided by academic staff of the School of Art Studios at RMIT University.
Thanks also for the dynamic environment fostered within the studios by fellow students across all years.
Many thanks to Studio technicians for their generous and expert advice and help as always. Thanks to all family and friends who have supported us.

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