Page 165 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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                 Mimicry of Imitation (detail)
Mixed Media Dimensions Variable
The main focus of my art practice is the production of sculptural works, that utilize a wide range of materials and processes including, timber, steel, ceramics, plaster, and bronze.
Conceptually my work explores themes of interconnectedness and human relations through the production of a variety of sculptural forms. Some can be characterized as direct figurative representations of humans, animals, and plants. Other works are more
ambiguous in the way they address the viewer, employing strategies of abstraction and the anthropomorphic.
My latest work, Mimicry of Imitation, playfully explores the ideas of the philosopher Plato. Making reference to his ideal forms, the Platonic Solids, and his reflections on perception and knowledge through the allegory of the cave.
Damon Parow
[email protected]

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