Page 157 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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• Ellice Catchpoole has worked with a variety of mediums in order to
Ellice Victoria Catchpoole
[email protected]
ink, graphite, oil pastel 150cm x 600cm
Dried Orange
12cm x 6cm x n/acm
Orange, cotton thread. 7cm x 5cm x 6cm
present and develop themes around the body, movement, and illness. Ellice has experimented in portraying blindness, coeliac disease, Alzheimer’s, and nature’s decay as it transforms and affects movement.
Her final piece is a large-scale, expanded drawing based on the decay of biological matter over time. Early in her studies, she experimented with an orange by studying its form and it has become a recurring motif. Over time, the fruit decomposes into something different. It curls up into itself as it dries up, reshaping itself over time, forming into something new, but still withholding aspects of its original qualities. This is how the artist sees her current position after studying, changed, but still withholding aspects of where she began.

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