Page 125 - 2018 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 125

ReLIFE: Pearls
Pearl, Sterling Silver, Black Diamond
2.5-10.5cm x 2-3.5cm
x 0.8cm (approx)
Eye See You
Pearl, Sterling Silver
10.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.8cm (approx)
Pearls are natural beauties, however they are often rejected if
they aren’t perfect, but I believe that there is perfection within imperfection. This led me to reworking imperfect pearls and taking their natural forms as an inspiration so that the flaw of the irregular shape is embraced instead of rejected. Through the pearls, I explored ideas of life and rebirth and I found that in removing the pearls natural value, I created a new value through the work put into the pearl and I created a new life for it to begin.
Victoria Zhook
[email protected] instagram: vika.jewellery

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