Page 97 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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Cindy Engaging in bright colours and alternative materials, I seek to rede ne •
Tran the wearable object. By pushing the limits of kitsch ornamentation, I critique the commodi cation of traditional culture, including that
of eastern medicine, and the arti cial expansion of its value to
new markets. The pieces pervert ideas of fantasy and reality, a
retrospective of both worlds adapting to each other, blurring lines
between the object and observer and seeking to create an alternate
dimension where the creative mind can be its own free entity. ••
suckle cup
tackle me
found objects, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, boa feather 30cm x 15cm x 3cm (approx)
expanding foam, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, boa feather, glass beads 15cm x 20cm x 16cm (approx)

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