Page 84 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 84

• Billie: ”In his eulogy for her, the Reverend Eugene Callender told me
Imogen Evans
instagram - @imogenevans.silversmith
Danner Rotunde
Paper, Rice Glue, Sterling Silver 93.5cm x 0.5cm x 4.5cm (approx)
Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Black Coral
2.6cm x 5.8cm x 3.9cm (approx)
he had said, ‘we should not be here. This young lady was gifted by her creator with tremendous talent... She should have lived to at least eighty years old.’”
-Hari, J 2016, Chasing the Scream, Bloomsbury, Great Britain.
Danner Rotunde: Sitting amongst the numerous displays of artists we had learned of in class as the contemporary marvels, the technical and conceptual masterminds of jewellery, and I was more interested in a block of A1 grey paper on a wooden crate.

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