Page 7 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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School of Art Student Awards
The Moat Bar Art Awards
Expanded Studio Practice Painting and Drawing Prize Tolarno Hotel Painting Prize
Expanded Studio Practice Media Art Prize
Emily Hope Award for a  gurative work - Professor AD Hope Endowment
Wolf Wennrich award for craftsmanship - Mr. Michael Wennrich Endowment
Frank Klepner Memorial Award for Limited Series Jewellery - Donor Mr. Ronnie Bauer Koodak Awards for the Highest Academic Achievement for  rst, second and third year students - Donor Mr. Gabriel Ripke
Koodak Enamelling Prize for Technical Excellence - Donor Mr. Gabriel Ripke
Maggie Fairweather Gold & Silversmithing Residency Award - Donors Jessie and Geordie Fairweather
Diana Morgan Post Graduate and Honours Gold and Silversmithing Prize 1&2 - Donor Diana Morgan
Potters Equipment - Award for Excellence in Ceramics
Clay Works Australia - Award for Excellence in Ceramics
Walkers Ceramics - Award for excellence in Ceramics
The Australian Ceramics Association - Encouragement Award
Northcote Pottery - Award for Excellence in Ceramics
Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Scholarship for Emerging Victorian Printmakers Kayell Photography Prize
Frame Factory Award
Open Bite JCP Photographic Award
Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop Award
Sculpture Sound and Spatial Practice Prizes
School of Art Honours Travelling Scholarships
School of Art Honours International Studio Residencies

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