Page 55 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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Celeste Magee [email protected] instagram: @spilllage
Celeste has developed a distorting technique that allows her to
inject a digital aesthetic into a contemporary painting style. Her application of colour, shape and form can re ect that of a digital assemblage. She paints with reference from her sketchbooks, everyday inspirations and obsessions. Celeste’s paintings are a collaboration between the real world and the subconscious, a search for the sublime through art making. Her paintings depict a space in which the viewer can be fully immersed in. She uses techniques that allow her artwork to shift and slide between plains of painting and drawing. Celeste deliberately selects a contrasting palette and relies on spontaneity in its application. This technique results in surreal outcomes, generating optical, bold paintings.
Garden State
Oils, acrylic and paint pen on board 60cm x 70cm
Spray paint, oils and paint pen on board 30cm x 30cm
Inter-dimensional Orbs
Acrylic and oils on board 45cm x 60cm

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