Page 46 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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• Harsh sound. Unexpected fall. Underneath hit. Unlit wound. Overdue
Zoe Jackson
[email protected]
Untitled (Bella Thorne install)
the void Dimensions Variable
Untitled (Gucci tray)
the void
120cm x 80cm x 5cm (approx)
Untitled (durational performance documentation install)
the void
Dimensions Variable
corrosion. Gaping malaise. Individual  avour. Ophelia with Pepto- Bismol.
* large empty room, projector, trolley, laptop, bathroom mirror, dust, water
** cement sheet & hardwood tray, poster print, water, agar, dust, shellac manicure, cigarette butts, mould, lights, extension chord, dirty  oor
*** durational performance documentation playing on projector; trolley; laptop; tray containing goji berries, ‘wanderlust tea’, chia seeds, wine & water; dirty  oor with water

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