Page 36 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 36

Fragility (Some things are closer than they appear)
Watercolour on paper
111cm x 138cm (approx)
Change isn’t always discernible. Its incremental passage often softens our recollections and memories of the landscape around
us. Systems of Submersion is a current body of work, re ective of my environmental concerns and artistic considerations. Focusing on ecological crises within the context of our oceans, I challenge
the viewer to engage with the artwork in a spatial format. Utilising structures that operate as a  ltered screen between the drawing and the viewer, I invite an open dialogue between the notions of the real and the arti cial. Thereby, visually challenging the layers of language we encounter on a daily basis, but cannot see past.
Haylea Gusling [email protected]

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