Page 34 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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• My work thoughout this year has explored the relationships created
Laura Garita
email: [email protected] instagram: lg12star_art website:
Crocheted Intervention No.3
Crocheted cotton, tree, photograph
29.7cm x 21cm (approx)
between pattern, colour and textures. Drawing on personal experiences and the environment I am surrounded by, I use these as inspiration to create my work to both re ect those experiences or to change the environment we see. Primarily using sewing, crochet, painting and drawing I hope to evoke positive feelings within the
•• audience as well as sense of curosity.
The cracks i see
Watercolour, cotton thread, paper 21cm x 14.8cm (approx)
Geometric  uidity
Canvas, acrylic paint, wool 61cm x 152.4cm (approx)

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