Page 223 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 223

Cassandra Prinzi
My practice is based on colour, materiality, process, and abstraction. •
Detail Dimensions Variable
I make jewellery objects that can move between being a wearable
piece, an object and an image. My works are unapologetically
colourful, vibrant and charismatic. My process uses material
exploration; engaging with materials, manipulating and transforming
them, to create layered forms and objects for wearing. With
references to the natural and urban landscapes, I draw on imagery •• from my experiences, memory and imagination, bringing the Untitled
immaterial to life by engaging the impulse to make.
Acrylic, vitreous enamel, enamel paint, sterling silver, brass, copper, powdercoat, ric rac ribbon. Dimensions Variable

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