Page 176 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 176

There was a negative recursion of the aura stemming from a contemporary requisite for capitalist identity, authority, and soft power in a saturated mass media environment. The once obsolete unique object remerged from its recuperation and ubiquity to establish weak gestures of subsistence. These are in the forms of trademark laws, stylistic patents, copyrights, and authorised re-sellers. While lobby groups pass legislation (and just because we are privileged) - we do nothing. People think art can’t be political, I argue that representation is also political and is the inevitable outcome of any political
activity. Do art politically, always be active.
Alrey Batol
Études Cadbury Yellow
print media, web design, archival installation
Dimensions Variable
Opening Soon
intervention, installation Dimensions Variable
Museum Pieces
circuit-bended clock radio 10cm x 20cm x 18cm

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