Page 158 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 158

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Self Portrait Body Casts
175cm x 60cm x cm (approx)
String Installation
String, metal rods
6cm x 4cm x metrescm (approx)
My work explores the physical world and the behaviour of bodies and object in space. I am interested in the formal relationship between
the work and the space. I combine a  gurative approach to sculpture with an interest in technical and material process. Through the use
of thread, I intend to activate the space of my  gurative sculptures. My relationship with the manual process involved in constructing
the object is re ected in the  nal product. Material thinking is a
large aspect of my work and this process of investigation forms an ongoing enquiry . Through my practice I wish to share this experience of making by offering an environment in which the viewer may participate in an intimate encounter with my materials and forms.
Emma Fowles

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