Page 122 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 122

How many  ngers am I holding up?
still from video
Duration 9’ 39”
Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured still from video
Duration 16’ 22”
My artistic practice examines visual impairment, which is a personal in iction that affects my family and our interactions. The artworks portray unheard voices to explore different ways of living with visual impairment anxieties by interviewing family members. The word blind, MÙ, in Vietnamese is usually used with a heavy negative connotation. Physical disabilities are not explicitly spoken about in Vietnamese culture as it is considered rude to remind people of their disability. Using photographic mediums, I encourage the public to address marginalized stereotypes, and allow us to learn about deteriorating vision that is a result of hereditary blindness.
Lily Nguyen

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