Page 111 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 111

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Jade Our earth, home to intricate and unique species of  ora and fauna, •
Crumpler and  lled with grand and picturesque landscapes, is currently in a vulnerable state due to the careless actions we make everyday. My
[email protected] practice is a direct response to this, where I aim to create change. By making work that not only discusses environmental issues, but also
provides a platform for conversation.
Consistently shifting from, and intwining the mediums of print and sculpture, I create artworks that respond to colour, line, texture and form found within the natural landscape.
The Reef Floor
Sterling Silver 4cm x 7cm x 1.5cm (approx)
Plastic Seas; ceramic series
Ceramics Dimensions Variable
Contoured Form
Digital Print 40cm x 40cm

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