Page 141 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
P. 141

Growing up with two cultures took a major role in who I became as an adult. Being born to immigrant parents from Sri Lanka, my brother and I are first generation Australians. Before school started, for me, speaking Sinhalese and eating rice and curry with my hands was
the norm. While growing older and being exposed to western ideals, I started to become more “Australian” and slowly started to lose my Sri Lankan identity. I was continuously stuck, not knowing where I fit in between the two worlds I had. I didn’t look Australian, but I was not Sri Lankan enough to my family. My work explores the beauty and extravagance of my Sri Lankan heritage and culture, whilst including my aspects of my Australian personality and lifestyle.
Deirdre Peterson
Fading Memory
Acrylic, material 90cm x 50cm
Missing You
Digital Print
80cm x 40cm (approx)
Digital print
90cm x 50cm (approx)

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