Page 122 - 2019 RMIT School of Art BAFA Exhibition Catalogue
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Jennifer Hickinbotham hickinbotham-32501850/ •
Mobile 0438733165
Video, sound, paint, lino-cuts, and now that my dogs and I have moved to Gisborne, I am going back to spinning and weaving
local wool, sewing pre-loved things together to make new things. Creating havoc. I work in mental health, having lived with voices and associated distress, emotional fall-out from chronic and enduring childhood abuse and trauma. Arty videos show my lived experience, what it is really like to live with voices tormenting your every thought, yet, recovery results from belief, hard work in therapy, and practise. It’s the learned and habitual neural pathways, need re-modelling.
Scene from Sinnerman
video Duration 10’ 23”
Wooden circles, fluorescent Golden acrylic paints and materials Dimensions Variable
Knockrow landscape
oil on linen on board 60cm x 45cm

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