Page 232 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
P. 232

“Picture on plinth”, 2017
Earthenware, raw clay support, papier mâché plinth Dimensions Variable
“Support”, 2017 (detail)
Stoneware brown clay vessel, stoneware white clay frame Dimensions Variable
“Is it?”, 2017 (detail)
Earthenware slip cast paintings, earthenware plinth
Dimensions Variable
I am interested in challenging traditional archetypes of the vessel, pedestal and canvas by subverting the idea of the “support” or “medium” in contemporary art. Focusing on ceramics, sculpture and painting, I aim to do this through remediation, recon guration and assemblage. Exploring Marshall McLuhan’s claim that “the ‘content’ of any medium is always another medium” (in Lange-Berndt, 2015, p. 200), I am asking whether the “content” of an object changes if its medium challenges an expected archetype.
Madeleine Thornton-Smith

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