Page 140 - RMIT Catalogue 2017
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Bluf ng
42cm x 29.7cm (approx)
Fairy Cave Dreaming
Acrylic Paint on Paper 42cm x 29.7cm (approx)
Fairy Doorway
Acrylic Paint/ Photograph composite
29.7cm x 21cm (approx)
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Lisa Rae Bartolomei is an artist, musician and composer working across disciplines such as drawing, photography, video and sound. Her sonic practice centres predominately in spatialized sound designs that blend musical and electro-acoustic elements in the service of narrative and experimentation, exploring the syncretic relationships between symbols, sounds and archetypal forces of nature. These Images form part of a body of work made in Buchan, famous for its extensive cave system. An idylic paradise of untouched nature and sparkling beauty. During the trip, a collection of  eld recordings were captured in the caves ,forest and river system used as the basis the installed 5.1 channel electroacoustic composition, AS ABOVE SO BELOW. We journey through the hpynagogic worlds of Buchan blending the subterranean, underwater and forest.
Lisa Rae Bartolomei

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